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  1. Feasibility study of part design
  2. Fast and cost-effective avaluation of critical part areas with prototype tool on GK mould base
  3. Pre series tools and delivery of 0-series parts
  4. Serial tool and production of 0-series parts

Customer value

  1. Risk reduction by step by step evaluation
  2. Cost transparency on each project phase
  3. Availability of GK’s special process equipment
  4. Short term engineering results with GK’s in depth process knowledge
  5. Using of GK network (Partner, Universities, material supplier)
Steuergerätehalter Mercedes A217
Picture: Controller unit Support made of organosheet
(Source: Pöppelmann Kunststoff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG)
Fertigungszelle GK
Picture: Production Cell for processing organo sheets at GK-Technical Center